CRIPT is a non-profit organisation at the forefront of implementing various social development initiatives and vocational training sessions for the benefit of the poor and underprivileged, and has successfully conducted assessment studies for awareness campaigns for many corporations.

CRIPT’s major focus-areas are child and women empowerment, health awareness programs, and environmental awareness & green energy initiatives. Under the broad umbrella of the aforementioned focus areas, we have rapidly diversified and deepened our activities.

We are well-positioned to executive any assignment, be it medium-scale or a comprehensive activity with multiple subtasks, and deliver positive results. We are totally committed to fulfill your organizational CSR goals and will present a comprehensive report for your perusal towards the end. As a transparent organization, we give a detailed report on the budget and also the quantifiable indicators that help you evaluate the overall efficiency and outcomes of the assignment. We can also help you in maintaining and supporting plans and helping you to put the assignment on track.

We have necessary expertise and experience to execute every kind of assignment, from conceptualisation to actualization. As is amply demonstrated by our work portfolio, we are best positioned to serve your diverse CSR objectives and bring tangible value to every assignment. Our work ethic and rigid transparency regulations have earned us the trust of many government and private enterprises that increasingly constitute our repeat engagements.